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                            Third-Party Medical Testing Services
                            • Third-Party Medical Testing Services

                              Shanghai GeneoDx Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd. (GeneoDx Medical) was established in March 2022. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GeneoDx, and one of the key tasks of China National Biotech Group's planning and development.
                              GeneoDx Medical is beset with a professional examination team, advanced technology and top-notch equipments and facilities, including Sanger platform, multiplex PCR platform, digital PCR platform, immune platform and information analysis platform. 
                              GeneoDx Medical features the detection of tumors and pathogenic microorganisms. By optimizing the allocation of health resources such as medical testing technology, equipment and personnel, it can help in the achievement of graded diagnosis and treatment, alleviation of the workload of medical institutions, decline of medical costs, and complement of diverse medical resources, so as to provide high-quality services to patients. The testing services provided are in the fields of sexually transmitted diseases, prenatal and postnatal care, respiratory pathogens, microbial drug resistance, fungi, oncology, etc.

                              Through cooperation with medical institutions and scientific research institutions, GeneoDx Medical deeply explores academic research related to diseases diagnosis/control and treatments, jointly applies for national, provincial, municipal and regional projects of Natural Science Foundation, and tracks and develops new technologies, new products and new services. For the continuous improvement of diagnostic technology and academic status of medical institutions at all levels in the region, it will relentlessly pursue its efforts to meet the needs of hospitals and scientific research institutes.

                              Since its establishment, GeneoDx Medical has established a quality management system in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO15189 and CAP to ensure the accuracy and stability of test results, promote mutual recognition of reports, regionalization of coverage and integration of basic data of laboratory management information collection to meet the needs of medical research, health administration and public health management.

                              GeneoDx Medical adheres to the corporate philosophy of "All for health, health for all", with independent R&D results and imported technology, is committed to the realization of "guarding life and health with scientific and technological power".