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                            Multiplex Nucleic Acid Detection Kit for 12 Skin Fungus
                            • Introduction

                              This kit is based on multiplex fluorescent PCR technology, which is realized by fluorescent probes in the mixture.
                              Amplification and melting curve analysis are performed on a real-time fluorescent PCR instrument, and fluorescence in different channels can be detected.


                            • Usage

                              The kits are based on multiplex PCR technology, which can quickly detect and identify the 12 most common clinical dermatophytes.

                            • Product Information

                              Package Size: 25 tests/kit

                            • Sample Requirements

                              Make sure to collect samples from infected sites and/or areas of nails, skin, and hair to identify pathogen; avoid taking large pieces of nails, as well as blood-stained parts of nails (may lead to inhibition of PCR reactions); please note that static charge could be built up on hair and plastic tubes, which will make it difficult to place the hair into the plastic tube with tweezers. Please make sure that the plastic tube is filled with solution A, so that the root of the hair can be placed directly at the bottom of the plastic tube. In addition to fresh nail samples, paraffin-embedded nail samples can also be tested with this kit.

                            • Storage Conditions and Validity Period

                              Store at -30°C~-15°C away from light, and avoid repeated freezing and thawing as much as possible. See product label for

                              expiration date.