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                            Multiplex Nucleic Acid Detection Kit for 24 Respiratory Pathogens
                            • Introduction

                              The respiratory pathogen detection test kit is based on single-tube multiplex PCR technology, which can detect and analyze as much as 30 target genes in a single PCR reaction. This kit starts from the first step of PCR reaction, including reverse transcription amplification to synthesize cDNA, and then dilutes the first step PCR reaction product and divides it into two parts to carry out two independent second-step PCR reactions. Analysis is performed by melting curve analysis.


                            • Usage

                              The respiratory pathogen multiplex detection test kit is based on single-tube multiplex PCR technology and is used for clinical qualitative detection of 24 respiratory pathogens, including 18 RNA viruses, 2 DNA viruses and 4 bacteria.

                            • Product Information

                              Package Size: 50 tests/kit

                            • Sample Requirements

                              Clinical samples use nasopharyngeal swab samples.  After the sample is collected, it should be placed in a sample preservation solution (UTM). If the sample needs to be sent to the laboratory immediately, it should be stored temporarily at 4℃. If the sample cannot be processed within 48 hours, it should be frozen and stored at -20℃ or below -70℃ for better results.

                            • Storage Conditions and Validity Period

                              Store at -30°C~-15°C away from light, see product label for expiration date.